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Riverside, CA, us
About me:
 My name's Jazz, I breathe oxygen and eat witty introductions for breakfast. Ummmm hi.
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Last.fm Library (constantly growing)
Favorite Movies:
adventures, aliens, antique stores, balloons, band-aids, bathrooms, beachtime, being creepy, benicio del toro, boring shit, cake batter, candy shops in mexico, catapults, circuses, comic books, deep breaths, dia de los muertos, drawing, fake mustaches, fear and loathing in las vegas, finding nemo, fresh days, hanna-barbera, hot chocolate, hunter s thompson, intensity, iron & wine, iron man, james franco, el kabong, laughing, luchadores, making lists, morphing, nacho libre, naptime, necklaces, nose, not burning food, old geezer, pantaloons, photobooths, piranhas, pretty pictures, psychedelic hippie shit, rdj, robert downey jr, scary films, sneezes, spanglish, starry skies, strange stuff, strangers, swingin' music, the ocean, total beasts, travels, vintage books, weird faces, wicked eyebrows.
Favorite Quotes:
"Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry. " - Mark Twain

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